For healthy
hair and nails
For healthy
hair and nails

Laboratoires Bailleul

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As an independent pharmaceutical group founded in France in 1949, Laboratoires Bailleul develops and markets drugs, skin care products and food supplements for comprehensive patient management, mainly in the fields of dermatology and family medicine.

Two brands, one mission

Nowadays, Laboratoires Bailleul is structured around two core brands, each of which uniquely reflects the company’s dual mission: to improve patients’ quality of life and be attentive to the needs of health care professionals.

Biorga Dermatologie

As an expert in dermatology, the Biorga Dermatologie brand brings its customers a wide range of skin care products and food supplements targeting the main problems affecting the skin. Because Biorga’s products are complementary, they are a comprehensive solution for patient care.

Therica Médication Familiale

Dedicated to treating common ailments, Thérica Médication Familiale brings its customers products to treat coughs, blood circulation problems, warts, contact dermatitis, constipation and more.

Throughout its existence, Laboratoires Bailleul has constantly innovated to bring patients products that are ever more advanced, effective, and pleasant to use. Over the years, they have also broadened their expertise to encompass new health conditions.
Significant growth in the international market

The group is also experiencing significant growth in the international market. It currently boasts 8 subsidiaries and its products are sold in over 40 countries worldwide.

Strong values

Three important values underpin the Laboratoires Bailleul approach:


Through its Biorga Dermatologie and Therica Médication Familiale brands, Laboratoires Bailleul markets easy to use medications, skin care products and food supplements in practical and pleasant delivery systems or dosage forms.
By studying the natural life cycles of the skin and hair, the group was able to develop comprehensive and effective solutions to assist patients and consumers through each stage of treating their conditions: prevention, treatment, treatment support, anti-relapse.


Laboratoires Bailleul works closely with health care professionals through its network of medical sales representatives and pharmaceutical representatives. They provide daily information on the conditions targeted by Bailleul and their corresponding treatments, to facilitate the prescription process and ensure the products are used appropriately.


Scientific rigour and a taste for innovation have always been part of Laboratoires Bailleul’s DNA.
For over 60 years, the group has been conducting research to discover new combinations of molecules, new indications, and new delivery systems or dosage forms in order to improve the effectiveness of its treatments and ensure ease of use by patients.

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